SV01 – Quality station

ایستگاه سنجش بریکس ، رنگ و کیفیت گوجه

The SV01 station is installed at the receiving area of the tomatoes processing plant to evaluate the quality of the incoming raw fruit. The station is a turn key modular construction which consists of a truck sampler, a prefabricated module with all the elements for the check of the tomatoes and a PC handling automatically the whole system. All the cycle is very quick and only one operator can process 1 load every 5 minutes making it easy the circulation of the trucks into the factory. Each plant may personalize the software with the parameters to be checked: in average, the system is determining the percentage of waste (inerts, fruit defects, fruit illness) and the physical parameters such as Bx, pH, color and lycopene. The data gathered, which may be printed and stored in a database, not only provides a more accurate economical evaluation of the delivered fruit, but also makes it possible to send the various loads to the most appropriate processing lines and can be used to help with the making of agronomic decisions for the cultivation of the fruit in the coming years.

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