LR02 – Lab refractometer

رفرکتومتر های آزمایشگاهی ماسلی


The LR-02 refractometer has been designed to be accurate, robust, compact and easy to use both in the laboratory and out at the line. Thanks to its battery power supply and carrying handle, it is easy to transport and use without being connected to a main power supply. Its waterproof keyboard and its stainless steel structure mean it can be safely used directly in the production area. By simply lowering the cover, without pushing a single button, the LR-02 “Easy Start” refractometer measures the sample’s refractive index, calculates its concentration (Brix o User), displays the information on an LCD unit with back lighting and sends the recorded value to an optional external printer or to a PC. The project has been developed using state of the art technology, which guarantee a high level of precision and reliability, such as the sapphire prism, the LED long-life light source and high-resolution digital optical CCD sensor.

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